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Rock On! Live Band Karaoke is available for private parties, public shows, corporate functions, and more! To inquire about pricing and availability of Rock On! Live Karaoke, or to book Rock On! Live Karaoke for your event, Contact Jay Siegan Presents here.

the basics

Travel: Internationally

Client Sampling: Apple | Amazon | AT&T | Twitter | LinkedIn | Slalom | Southwest | Jameson | Hard Rock Casino

Song List: Click HERE to download a complete song list

about Rock on! live band karaoke

Created in 2006, RockOn! Live Band Karaoke is an experience like no other.  Using today's high energy dance hits from multiple genres, we search for our new lead singer and help people live out the dream of becoming a rock star.

RockOn! Live Band Karaoke has been wowing audiences for over a decade.  As a company, we’ve partnered with the biggest companies and for crowds in the thousands. It's no wonder companies like Apple, Amazon, Southwest, and AT&T trust us to pull off massive shows flawlessly.

This isn't just a band with a binder of lyrics and a few shows under their belt.  This is a conglomerate of over 100 musicians, that know the tunes that will keep your event attendees singing, dancing, and feeling like something they had only dreamed of.

It's not about us, It's about you.  

here's the deal...

Many people dream of being a rock star.  Most individuals go through life not knowing that experience. Rock On! Live Band Karaoke is a special event that helps people realize this dream.  Our company started specifically as a live band karaoke outfit, so we are pioneers in this process.  We specialize in making people comfortable on stage and treating them like the rock star they've always wanted to be. Karaoke is fun, but Rock On! Live Band Karaoke is an unforgettable experience. 

Grab a list, find a favorite and sign up next to the stage with our event host.  When it is your turn to take the stage, the band will call you up and rock out!  Just like your standard karaoke, lyrics are provided on a monitor at the front of the stage. We provide songs from all genres and eras, so there is a little something for everyone.  Our list is full of high energy dance songs, so those not singing can still dance or watch!  You will be treated as an equal part of the band and will always be encouraged. To us, you are a rock star the instant they step onto the stage!  

We have over a decade of shows under our belt for some of the most prestigious companies in the world.  We aren't just a band in a city, we are years of research and product building wrapped up into a neat and headache free event process. We are a flexible entity that can fit into small areas or large outdoor arenas,  and we have many options to make your event unique and unforgettable.  Want a red carpet entrance for your Rock Stars?  We got it. Want a small group of two performers to squeeze into the corner of your wedding and sound like a full band?  We got it.  Want a full band to put on a show during a company lunch so your employees can blow off steam watching the owner of your company belt out AC-DC?  

We got it, because we have done it...and more.  Truth be told we are in the habit of pulling of some pretty insane stuff.