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Mustache Harbor is available for private parties, public concerts, corporate functions, weddings and more! To inquire about pricing and availability of Mustache Harbor, or to book Mustache Harbor for your event, Contact Jay Siegan Presents here.

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Travel: Internationally 
Based in: San Francisco
Experts in: Yacht Rock

about Mustache Harbor

Mustache Harbor is a group of dedicated and talented musicians brought together by their astrological signs and a love for vintage soft rock and sweet stashes. If we are not at the Dojo, perfecting our kick-ass moves, you will find us in, on, or near the water, producing sweet sounds as smooth as the summer sea.





Mustache Harbor for Private Parties
Mustache Harbor performs at private parties and fundraisers across the country for individuals and organizations hosting all types of events. It has been Mustache Harbor’s pleasure to play at product launches and holiday parties for small startup companies and bigger corporate bashes. Based out of San Francisco, the band travels far and wide to perform when needed. Mustache Harbor has recently performed for a wide variety of clients such as Marin Software, SAY Media, Rock Health, Movember, The Beach Club Santa, Monica, Extole, and Genentech, to name but a few.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does Mustache Harbor play private parties?
A.  Mustache Harbor entertains crowds of all sizes and has a terrific track record of happy and satisfied clients. The demand for Mustache Harbor has increased as their popularity as a killer new style of party band has become more widely known. Software companies, fundraisers, tech companies, birthday parties and weddings all seem to be choosing Mustache Harbor for their fun costumes, familiar songs and irreverence. It has been recently proven that Mustache Harbor’s particular brand of yacht rock has become the choice du jour for events put on by people who are looking for something a little different. Over the last two years, Mustache Harbor has received high praise for keeping people dancing along all night, singing along all night, and joining in the fun.

Q. How much does it cost to hire Mustache Harbor for private parties?
A. The fees depend on availability and the expenses can vary. Mustache Harbor pride themselves in delivering value for money with a soft rock-star performance that is also soft on your wallet.

Q. What music does Mustache Harbor perform at private parties?
A. At private parties, Mustache Harbor performs the same awesome songs as they have become known for at their live appearances. Iconic party hits such as “Ride Like the Wind” by Christopher Cross, “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie, “Hold the Line” and “Africa” by Toto, “Caribbean Queen” by Billy Ocean, “Come Sail Away” by Styx, and “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Darryl Hall and John Oats are performed with relish. Mustache Harbor’s mission is to bring a sense of fun and irreverence to each and every event and sweep people along with their awesome repertoire of ultra melodic, ultra danceable smooth rock hits from the 70’s and 80’s. Mustache Harbor simply provides terrific party music with a fresh new approach with an array of ultra recognizable songs.

Q. What if space and volume are an issue?
A. Mustache Harbor can fit in almost any venue, from small parties in restaurants to mid sized venues, ballrooms and huge convention centers — Mustache Harbor plays them all! Mustache Harbor has a state of the art sound system, full in-ear monitor system that gives the stage a clean look. The band can rock out and keep the volume in check. The band has performed numerous shows at quirky, volume sensitive venues such as wineries, yacht clubs, and restaurants. They are well adept at keeping the volume in check – if that is a concern for the client.

Q. What will the band wear for my event?
A.  For more formal events, Mustache Harbor can wear their “millionaire yachtsmen look”  – blazers, white slacks, collar and tie. Even if the event is more casual, the band will always dress to the nines in a dazzling seafaring / soft-rock attire – and rest assured, they will always be sporting mustaches. The band takes great pride in upping the ante on their costumes and stage attire at each and every performance.

Q. What else can Mustache Harbor provide to perfect my event?
A. Mustache Harbor can provide background and dance music over their sound system during cocktails, dinner, breaks, etc. The band can coordinate any music or particular songs of your choice for any part of the event. Mustache Harbor can also coordinate and bring along yacht rock party accessories such as captains hats, any nautical or tropical items that may fit the event, and, of course, they always bring plenty of extra mustaches.

Q. Will Mustache Harbor’s theme fit my event?
A.  At their live appearances, Mustache Harbor performs for crowds of all ages and demographics. Some people choose to get dressed up in nautical attire and don mustaches, but many just come along for the good times dressed in their regular clothes. Mustache Harbor’s stage attire and theme is so universal, fun, and lively; they have been hired to perform at events where there is no particular theme and have always energized the room. If your event is a formal or semi-formal wedding, business or business casual party, you can count on Mustache Harbor to provide a dynamic feast for the ears and the eyes. If you wish to explore the idea of one of the many themes that Mustache Harbor’s performance can lend to, then your choices are many. Such themes include:
•       Soft-rock / yacht-rock
•       Tropical / beach
•       Hawaiian island
•       Seafaring / nautical
•       Caribbean
•       Pirate
•       Poolside
•       70’s and/or 80’s party