Black and Blue Experience

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Black and Blue Experience is available for private parties, corporate functions, public concerts, weddings, and more! To check pricing and availability of Black and Blue Experience, or to book Black and Blue Experience for an event, Contact Jay Siegan presents, here.

The Basics

Travel: Internationally

Twelve-piece group: five lead vocalists (three females, two males), four-piece rhythm section AND three horns
Over 100 songs in their repertoire: they can adjust their set list on-the-fly to match what your guests enjoy dancing to
Cocktail and/or dinner music available beyond what's on the play list
Wedding Ceremony music available
Separate PA and equipment set up for cocktail or dinner sets held in another room
Three-hour continuous live music option is available; ask your agent for details
Fantastic continuity from song to song which keeps the dance floor full and party momentum going
High-energy choreography for a visually exciting show
All music is LIVE
Band provides its own PA and lighting system
Incomparable customer-service throughout every phase of your event planning
Friendly, courteous, fun and professional at all times
Perfect volume for any event

About Black and Blue Experience

What are you looking for in a great band?. Versatility? Dynamic stage presence? Attention to detail? Communication with the band from the time you book the date to your event? Black and Blue Experience is all that and so much more.